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Nutrition plays a big rol in your general health. Are you being mindful of what you eat?

Welcome to the Mark Chen Movement.

The Movement is a community for those who strive to be the best version of themselves. I am a firm believer that your physical health plays a big role in becoming the best you. I will guide you towards your goals by setting out a step by step plan where I provide you with personal challenging work-outs, tricks to prevent injuries and nutrition advice in order to optimise your overall athletic performance.

At this moment I am based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. I chose Cambodia in my search for adventure and to explore a totally different culture.

Available training sessions.

As a physiotherapist, certified NASM Personal Trainer and Kettlebell Trainer with over 10 years of working experience I am able to design a unique training based on your personal needs and goals. In my training sessions I use body weight, free weights and kettlebells instead of the oldschool gym circuits you usually see. Every workout is different and individually designed

This is what I can offer you:

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Step #6 of the Ketogenic Diet guide: 30 Snack options

What's up #KetoCorporal. This assignment is as pleasant as it is practical :  Snack options. Goal: Having snack options for every situation of the day. On the road, at the office, before the gym. What to do: Take a look at the…
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Step #5 of the Ketogenic Diet Guide : Breakfast (+Options)

What's up #KetoCorporal. Here's a new assignment: Breakfast options. Goal: Prepare a Ketobreakfast and come up with 3 other options for the week What to make: This is an all-time favorite when it comes to Keto breakfasts. And…
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Keto Diet Step by Step guide step 4: Start Strong with Keto Coffee

Goal: Make yourself a batch of Bulletproof Keto Coffee and start the day right Why: This delicious coffee packs a meal-worthy  300 calories and combines the power of caffeine with healthy brain-assisting fats and vitamins from the…

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