Reader Question: Train Abs every day?

My question is about training the abdominal muscles. I train in a gym and I know that between sports I have to take a day off. But does that also apply to your abdominal muscles? Or can you train it every day?


Mark Chen, physiotherapist

A certain rule applies to muscles: after a considerable training load, they need 24 to 72 (!) Hours to fully recover. This applies, in contrast to what some sources mention, for the abdominal muscles as well. When you wake up after a heavy workout with strong muscle pain, you’ll often feel and know that you need a day of rest!

The intensity of the training is the decisive factor here. You can load your abdominal muscles every day if you do not fully exhaust them, but the question is whether it is the most efficient way of training. In addition, there are numerous ways to train your abdominal muscles. I see many people doing sit ups almost exclusively, whereas in my opinion this is one of the least valuable exercises for a strong core.

The abdominal muscles are power suppliers for movements of the trunk, but they are also important stabilizers. This means that when they work well together with the back muscles, they ensure a good and strong support of the spine. So if you are working on exercises in which your whole body has to work together, like a squat or a dead lift, the abdominal muscles are also fully active. That way you can train your whole body including your abdominal muscles, without having to do sit ups! Ideal right?


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