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Fitness Question: Neck Surgery, now what?

Neck Pain I just got operated for a herniated disc between the 6th and 7th vertebra along the back of the neck. A part has been removed. I had a nerve failure in my left arm because the nerve was compressed by the herniation. Now I have one problem; I walked 2 or 3 times […]


Fitness Question: Shoulder pain

“I suffer from a bursitis in my shoulder. Now I have heard that an injection does not always work. Can I benefit from physiotherapy?” -Astrid Mark Chen, Physiotherapist How annoying that you have bursitis: They can, especially in the shoulder, be very persistent. Injections are an often used treatment for bursitis and other inflammatory issues. […]

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Burn & Learn : (anti) Depression

  Four things to consider when you’re trying to make sense of never-ending contradicting pieces of health information: 1. The History 2. The Context 3. The Mechanism 4. The Short Term vs. Long Term Using these points, the video gives some quick examples of how this can be applied to different nutrition information, but the […]

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The Tess Holiday Issue and What I should have done better

I got a lot of backlash from the Tess Holiday post I did this week. Even though the initial post said “This cover can be called controversial”, which is obviously is looking at all the discussion that followed, I instantly felt regret posting it. The conversations that followed were intense. There was no, or very […]

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Cambodia makes Jiu Jitsu History

Jessa Khan makes history as she is the very first athlete to put Brazilian jiu-jitsu on the map. This is a major event for sport in the country and hopefully will give some momentum to young athletes and especially women to pursue a career in sport. I’ve had the pleasure of working with both Vivadhana […]

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“Knee Pain, what to do?” – Readers Question

“I have osteoarthritis in my knee but am a fanatical athlete. Running I have to give up, but otherwise, I do everything from strength training to spinning, and daily cycling to lubricate the knee. Lunges are too stressful just like certain yoga exercises. Doctors advised me to do a procedure. But I am not ready for […]