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Cambodia makes Jiu Jitsu History

Jessa Khan makes history as she is the very first athlete to put Brazilian jiu-jitsu on the map. This is a major event for sport in the country and hopefully will give some momentum to young athletes and especially women to pursue a career in sport. I’ve had the pleasure of working with both Vivadhana […]

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“Knee Pain, what to do?” – Readers Question

“I have osteoarthritis in my knee but am a fanatical athlete. Running I have to give up, but otherwise, I do everything from strength training to spinning, and daily cycling to lubricate the knee. Lunges are too stressful just like certain yoga exercises. Doctors advised me to do a procedure. But I am not ready for […]


#MindsetMonday: FOCUS (RSD VIDEO)

People are like “I have panic attacks, I have anxiety attacks out of nowhere” Here’s the reason why, And it’s connected to discipline and willpower your thoughts have become your MASTER you have become your thought’s little B*tch Isn’t that crazy if you think about it? Our thoughts, out “human’s most powerful tool” We are […]

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Starting with Fitness (In Phnom Penh)

“I would like to start working on my fitness. I am 58 years old and have stopped drinking (white wine) for a year and unfortunately gained weight. I smoke, my height is 1 meter 64 and now I’m at 78 kilograms. I always weighed around 70 kilograms. I have never done anything to work on […]

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Burn & Learn II : Sugar Explained

Sugar is not great when you’re trying to increase your level of fitness and health. Knowing what sugar does exactly and what kind of foods you should be avoiding in your diet is the first step in the right direction.   Every week I’ll aim to provide video’s with different topics on Fitness, nutrition and […]

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Fitness Question: “Spinning bad for my Knee?”

I have arthrosis in my knee and a little bit in the hips, can I still do spinning? I’ve been doing it for years. – Din Mark Chen, Physiotherapist The advantage of spinning is that it is not a weight-bearing activity (except the standing parts, of course). That makes it a ‘safer’ option than, for […]