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Be a KING (Video)

What does it mean to be a King? In my mind, it means that you’re just a cut above other guys. And I’ll say the same thing applies to your girlfriend if she’s going to be a Queen I was watching a video about Beyonce Knowles the other day and she’s talking a lot about her […]

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Injured? Here are the estimated recovery times

Muscle Sprain/ Tear: Grade I: 0-2 Weeks Grade II: 2-12 Weeks Grade III: 3-24 Weeks Ligament Sprain / Tear: Grade I: 0-3 Days Grade II: 3-24 Weeks Grade III: 5-52 Weeks Tendon: Tendonitis: 3-7 Weeks Tendinosis: 12-28 Weeks Laceration: 5-28 Weeks Bone Contusion/Fracture: 5-12 Weeks Cartilage Irritation/Damage: 12-100 Weeks Ligament Graft: 12-100 Weeks   All […]

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Do this before you start running

If you’ve read the previous articles on running, you now know that your bodies’ own shock absorbers are of crucial importance. Whenever I work with clients that want to either get into or- improve their running performance, I test them on multiple abilities. One of those is their ability to jump. or actually, to land.  […]

Gyms in Phnom Penh

    If you’re looking for an option to get Fit and Healthy in Phnom Penh, I’ve listed a couple of options in different facilities with options for every budget. Fully equipped gyms: The Place   This is the most well-known Fitness center and has all the facilities you could need. Top of the line […]

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Why you can’t trust Science

        I’ve been getting pulled into many discussions regarding health, exercise and nutrition lately and the trend is clear: Everything needs to be SCIENCE BASED. This is a good thing, or at the very least, the idea is good. It’s good to want to support your thoughts and findings with some kind […]