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5 Questions about Athletic Tape

The sports enthusiast is probably already familiar with it: the colored tape that decorates the calves, thighs or arms of (top) athletes. This so-called medical tape is also being used more and more by non-athletes. Why? Physical therapist Mark Chen explains it. 1. What is medical taping? “Medical taping is the collective name for taping […]


Mindset: Do the Work (RSD Video)

Are you doing the right things? What are the big ones The ones you’re ready to go all out in And instead of having this scattered focus Have a deep, clear focus and actually get ahead Success comes when you do a few things well instead of dabbling around getting lost trying to do too […]

Readers Questions: Preventative Physiotherapy

“I regularly suffer from back pain. Does it make sense to visit a physiotherapist every month just for maintenance? Can I prevent problems this way?” -Francine Mark Chen, Physiotherapist Maintenance based treatment is certainly a possibility. Your physical therapist can ensure that your muscle tension remains under control, the joints maintain a good mobility and […]

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Reader Question: Swimming for Arthritis ?

I have osteoarthritis throughout my body. My neck, shoulders and right hip are the worst. Which sport can I practice? I would like to swim, is this possible? – Lida   Mark Chen, physiotherapist: Osteoarthritis means that the quantity and sometimes quality of the cartilage is reduced. We also call it ‘wear-and-tear’. This is a […]

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Modafinil Review: The Brain of a Champion

I’ve been on and off Modafinil for about 3 weeks now and have been asked to write a report on my findings. So here we go: Modafinil (Wikipedia): Modafinil, sold under the brand name Provigil among others, is a wakefulness-promoting drug used for treatment of disorders such as narcolepsy, shift work sleep disorder, idiopathic hypersomnia, and excessive daytime sleepiness associated with obstructive sleep apnea.[6] It has […]


Reader Question: Train Abs every day?

My question is about training the abdominal muscles. I train in a gym and I know that between sports I have to take a day off. But does that also apply to your abdominal muscles? Or can you train it every day? -Damian   Mark Chen, physiotherapist A certain rule applies to muscles: after a […]


Mindset: You don’t matter (RSD Max)

  Nobody exists on purpose Nobody belongs anywhere And you are going to die And you may think “Yeah, but people are going to remember me!” Guess what. When they die, nobody will remember you You’re GONE You never existed A thousands years from now, You’re gone. What’s the point then? LIVE. You want to […]

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5 Deadly dangers of Cambodian Cuisine

Cooking oilThere’s many different oils to consider when preparing meals, but unfortunately, most restaurants value cost effectiveness over health. This isn’t only the case in Cambodia by the way , but is for sure significant over here. I’ve done some asking around and kept an eye out for the type of industrial-sized containers at the […]

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Mindset : Embrace the Pain

  You should feel that little feeling in your chest When you’re breaking out of your comfort zone Or dealing with success barriers You should be seeking out those moments And that’s what causes progress If I don’t feel that, I feel dead inside Because guess what, that’s what changes you The stuff that emotionally […]