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Gyms in Phnom Penh

    If you’re looking for an option to get Fit and Healthy in Phnom Penh, I’ve listed a couple of options in different facilities with options for every budget. Fully equipped gyms: The Place   This is the most well-known Fitness center and has all the facilities you could need. Top of the line […]

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Why you can’t trust Science

        I’ve been getting pulled into many discussions regarding health, exercise and nutrition lately and the trend is clear: Everything needs to be SCIENCE BASED. This is a good thing, or at the very least, the idea is good. It’s good to want to support your thoughts and findings with some kind […]


Readers Question: A muscle tear, now what?

“Can you be treated for a muscle tear by a physiotherapist? What relieves the pain and how long does the recovery take?” -Wilma   Mark Chen, physiotherapist:   I would like to start with the following: everyone can use physiotherapy! That said, the answer to your question depends on a number of factors. The location […]

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Readers Question: Cracked rib, can I tape it?

I fell three weeks ago. I thought it was okay, but the next day it turned out that I damaged my ribs. Thanks to paracetamol, I have no problems with exercise. In addition, an elastic bandage gives relief during walking, but that is not really comfortable. My question is whether I would be helped extra […]


Readers Question: Cramp during workout

Last Monday I did an hour of bootcamp. The same night I woke up with cramps and sore muscles. The Tuesday after I ran with a limp and I had really strong muscle pain. I expected even more muscle pain on Wednesday because it is usually the worst two days after exercise, but I did […]


Readers Question: When to stretch?

In the gym, we always stretch after the lesson. I have also heard that you just have to stretch before exercising, or after warming up. What is the best? -Merel Mark Chen, Physiotherapist: There is a lot of discussion about stretching. For years scientific research has been done to establish the value of stretching before, […]