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Burn & Learn II : Sugar Explained

Sugar is not great when you’re trying to increase your level of fitness and health. Knowing what sugar does exactly and what kind of foods you should be avoiding in your diet is the first step in the right direction.   Every week I’ll aim to provide video’s with different topics on Fitness, nutrition and […]

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Fitness Question: “Spinning bad for my Knee?”

I have arthrosis in my knee and a little bit in the hips, can I still do spinning? I’ve been doing it for years. – Din Mark Chen, Physiotherapist The advantage of spinning is that it is not a weight-bearing activity (except the standing parts, of course). That makes it a ‘safer’ option than, for […]


Be a KING (Video)

What does it mean to be a King? In my mind, it means that you’re just a cut above other guys. And I’ll say the same thing applies to your girlfriend if she’s going to be a Queen I was watching a video about Beyonce Knowles the other day and she’s talking a lot about her […]

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Injury? Here are the estimated recovery times

When you have an injury, there’s only one thing on your mind: Getting better. An injury is not just a literal pain, it’s also keeping you back from reaching your fitness goals. And if you’re anything like me, the exercise-restricted version of you is not exactly a pleasure to be around. Take a look at […]

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Do this before you start running

If you’ve read the previous articles on running, you now know that your bodies’ own shock absorbers are of crucial importance. Whenever I work with clients that want to either get into or- improve their running performance, I test them on multiple abilities. One of those is their ability to jump. or actually, to land.  […]

Gyms in Phnom Penh

    If you’re looking for an option to get Fit and Healthy in Phnom Penh, I’ve listed a couple of options in different facilities with options for every budget. Fully equipped gyms: The Place   This is the most well-known Fitness center and has all the facilities you could need. Top of the line […]

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Why you can’t trust Science

    Can we trust Science?   I’ve been getting pulled into many discussions regarding health, exercise, and nutrition lately and the trend is clear: Everything needs to be SCIENCE BASED. This is a good thing, or at the very least, the idea is good. It’s good to want to support your thoughts and findings […]