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The Power of Personal Standards (RSD Video)

A lot of people simply do not have standards Don’t let yourself off the hook Say I’m going to examine myself And have standards and say “I’m F*cking pathetic for what I’m doing right now” NOT having your health handled NOT having the type of dating life you want NOT having the type of sex […]


Myth Busted: Muscle vs. Fat

Pictures like the one featured perform very well in social media. They’re also a standard argument for when clients encounter a bit of a plateau when it comes to weight loss. “muscle weighs more than fat”. Which would indicate that you’re still making progress even though it doesn’t show up on the scale. Although it’s […]


Readers Question: Noisy knees

When I squat, my left knee makes all kinds of noise. And not once, but really a series in a row. It does not really hurt, but I’m worried. And it’s just not a nice sound. Do you have any idea what this can be? – Menno Mark Chen, Physiotherapist Sounds in joints are very […]


The one thing only 1% of people do

The Marines have a saying: “Everybody wants to go to heaven But nobody wants to die And that’s just real At the center of bringing any dream to fruition Is self-discipline Something as simple as food and eating is not about your body as much as it is about your mind It’s getting command of […]

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Readers Question: Groin Pain

I play soccer and fitness, but during training I often suffer from pain in the groin. Two years ago, my left groin was strained and I started exercising a little bit too soon. Now I have a lot of problems with my right groin during and after training. I find it very annoying during exercise, […]


5 Questions about Athletic Tape

The sports enthusiast is probably already familiar with it: the colored tape that decorates the calves, thighs or arms of (top) athletes. This so-called medical tape is also being used more and more by non-athletes. Why? Physical therapist Mark Chen explains it. 1. What is medical taping? “Medical taping is the collective name for taping […]


Mindset: Do the Work (RSD Video)

Are you doing the right things? What are the big ones The ones you’re ready to go all out in And instead of having this scattered focus Have a deep, clear focus and actually get ahead Success comes when you do a few things well instead of dabbling around getting lost trying to do too […]

Readers Questions: Preventative Physiotherapy

“I regularly suffer from back pain. Does it make sense to visit a physiotherapist every month just for maintenance? Can I prevent problems this way?” -Francine Mark Chen, Physiotherapist Maintenance based treatment is certainly a possibility. Your physical therapist can ensure that your muscle tension remains under control, the joints maintain a good mobility and […]