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BJJ: What I’ve learned

Mark Chen Physiotherapist, Personal trainer, Sports Nutritionist.     I’ve only been into BJJ for a short time and consider myself an absolute newbie. However, even in the short amount of hours I’ve spent on the mat, there are some interested things I’ve learned from it.     1. Let go of your ego I’ve […]

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5 Questions about Cupping

What is Cupping? Cupping involves the usages of glass/wood/silicone cups that are used to create a vacuum on the body. Depending on the chosen method, these will either stay in place for 5-15 minutes (traditional cupping) or moved around the area (Gliding). There is also a less well-known version called “Wet Cupping”, with which small […]

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The 4 Stages of Change

Where does change actually begin? Does it begin with the actions I take? Does it begin with results? Does it begin with other people noticing I’m getting results? If you want to change This change begins, by the way that you communicate with yourself There are four stages to changing Number 1 is : I […]

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Vitamin D

Vitamin D Occurs as ergocalciferol (D2) in vegetable nutrition and as cholecalciferol in animal based foods. The latter form is more absorb-able. Upon exposure to sunlight, the body creates previtamine D, and then converts that into it’s active form. Vitamin D helps in the recovery of the muscles and aids the immune system. It also […]


HITT workouts for at home

Most if you reading this are on the 12- week strength building program and are now ready to focus more on all-round conditioning, body composition and flexibility. The workout below is from the well known “Fitness Blender”, which is a Youtube channel with hundreds of awesome workouts. (check them out and subscribe to their channel!) […]

Chest day: The best exercises

Most if you reading this are on the 12- week strength building program and are now ready to zoom in and optimize each individual body part. Here are the 3 exercises that in my opinion, offer the most bang-for-your buck when trying to train the chest: Sets:  3 Reps: 8-12 Train these 3 exercises on […]

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Shocking facts about Sleep (deprivation)

We all know sleep is important for our health. Still, sleep is often the first thing we cut if we need to make more space in our lives. Ironically, cutting back on sleep takes a toll on productivity, creativity, concentration, communication skills and basically whatever  makes us function as  human. So for whatever reason you’re […]

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Supplement Review: Venum BCAA

Supplement Review: Venum BCAA   Taste: 9/10 (Mango) it’s GOOD. Nice tropical mango taste which is addictive enough to make me want to add it to every bottle of water. It’s sweetened with stevia with which I think they went slightly overboard but I just slightly adjust the dose or refill my bottle once it’s […]