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Shocking facts about Running #2

#1 The most expensive shoes are the worst.   According to a study done by Bernard Marti, a preventative medicine specialist at Switserlands’ Universtity of Bern, runners wearing A-quality running shoes are 123% more likely to get injured than runners in cheap shoes. That’s right. Seems crazy right? He and his team analysed 4.358 runners […]

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The Reason Kettlebells are awesome.

Let me be straight upfront. If I only had to choose ONE piece of equipment to train with the rest of my life, it would be a Kettlebell. And that’s coming from a skeptic. In a relatively short period of time (I’ve been working out for over 15 years and have been using Bells for […]

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Supplements: BCAA’s (Review)

    Branched Chain amino acids (BCAA’s ) are not necessarily a very popular supplement. It doesn’t promote enormous strength or muscle gains, muscle-bursting pumps or endless endurance. It has, however, been around for a very long time and has consistently been a part of any high performance athlete’s supplement stack. What’s the deal? BCAA’s […]

Health Apps You Need: My Fitness Pal

When you’re trying to change your eating habits for whatever reason; losing weight, gaining weight, increasing performance.. The first thing you always have to do is analyze your current situation. Making changes without actually knowing what you’re doing now is basically shooting in the dark. There’s many reasons why everybody should track their dietary habits every now and then […]

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Week 2: Progress Update

  Week 2 Progress: Weight : 82 KG Fat % : 14% (-2 %) Good: Missed 0 Workouts ( Weights 3x, Bjj 2x, Boxing 1x) Increased Weight on all lifts Getting 7+ hours sleep daily No drinking Needs work: Not eating enough, need more meals Practice patience Fat% still a bit high Notes: Everything moves […]

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Mindset: Positive Feedback Loops

During my session with Cheryl, she mentions right at the beginning that she might not be able to workout well. She’s tired, her sleep quality hasn’t been good and she pulled a muscle in her during gardening work. I make a note of it, smile at her and say “let’s just see what we can […]

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Shopping list : Quick and Easy

A good diet starts with shopping. Don’t buy crap, don’t eat crap. It’s really that easy. Here’s a list with all the good stuff that needs to be in your basket. Good Protein Sources:   Eggs Liquid Egg Whites: More convenient but more expensive Skinless Chicken Breast: high quality lean protein Lean Ground Turkey: Lean […]


Vitamin B6

B6 (Pyridoxine) After conversion to the co-enzyme pyridoxal phosphate (plp) it plays an important role in the structure, degradation and conversion of amino acids. It also helps in the regulation of the hunger /saturation mechanism and the regulation of sleep rhythm. More and more studies indicate that B6 also improves cognitive function and improves the […]