Welcome to Movement: Physiotherapy & Fitness .

We offer Physiotherapy and Personal Training by NASM (National Academy of sports medicine) certified Trainers.
With over 15 years of experience with orthopaedic rehabilitation, reversing chronic disease and optimizing sports performance, any case and client is welcome. We are confident we can help you out.

Training&Therapy can be done in our private studio, in a 1-0n-1 setting or in a small group. Aside from our personal coaching, we also offer group classes.

Please feel free to leave your contact info and we’ll get in touch.

Online Fitness Courses

We offer a variety of Fitness (certification) courses that can be done fully online.

If you’re interested in learning while getting fit, make sure to  check these out!

Over 15 Years Experience

Having Physiotherapy and Personal Training under one roof, plus over 15 years of experience with chronic pain clients and Professional athletes, we don’t consider ourselves a gym.

Expect an outside the box approach with a strong focus on coaching and small steps in creating positive, long term changes

For Everybody

No matter if you’re just trying to lose some weight or if need help overcoming a chronic injury, we can help.

Aside from Fitness training we provide preventative services such as massage, acupuncture and even corporate wellness programs.

Available training sessions.

Training sessions can be done 1-to-1 with our coaches in our private, modern training studio.

But why not share the fun?

We provide small group personal training for just you and your friends.

We’ll make sure to provide a fun, safe and effective workout experience

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