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Energy is key to lose weight

If you are trying to lose weight, you need to realize this: even when you don’t do anything – meaning, laying on the bed watching Netflix – the body is going through a lot of energy.
We express this energy in calories, and contrary to popular belief, these are not little creatures that come out at night to make your clothes smaller. They are most valuable to us in many ways, and make sure that we can move, recover, grow, and even think. Yep, even that requires energy.

The reason some people fear calories, count calories, or try to pick low-calorie options for our daily drinks (cola light anyone?) is because we think that calories make us fat.

And the truth is….well… they do.

But only when you consume too many of them. The science behind losing or gaining weight is actually quite simple: you take in more energy than you use, you end up storing that extra energy for another day. The body is smart that way. Unfortunately for us, this usually means additional fat which is not really desirable for most people. And it’s also pretty useless once you get over a certain % of body fat.

The Solution

So the key point to not get fat, and the key point to any attempt in getting your diet in order is to calculate the amount of energy that your body needs. It all starts with a magic formula with which we can calculate our RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate) and the outcome of that formula tells us exactly how many calories your body goes through during the day, as it’s busy regulating all kinds of processes like keeping your organs working, your brain active, and your body temperature steady.

After using this formula, you’ll know exactly how many calories your body needs for it’s daily set of tasks. The important takeaway here is to not eat less than the body needs for its basic functions!
Believe me, lots of former clients of mine have made this mistake in the past and even though weight loss will occur in the initial phase, it should be clear that this is not a good approach long term.

The Formula

The formula (for Men) is this: 88.362 + (13.397 x G) + (4.779 x H) – (5.677 x L)

Doesn’t look fun right?

Luckily we’re living in an age where there are people that have done the calculating for us, which is why I present to you a quick and easy version right here (for men and women of course)

It’s easy, just fill in the metrics and BOOM! There it is. You’ve made your first step into figuring out what your body needs.

Ready for step 2?

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Powered by BMR Calculator





Powered by BMR Calculator

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