Vitamin B1 (theamine): What, Why and how much?

Vitamin B1 is essential for converting fuel into energy (ATP). Is used as a cofactor for pyruvate to be converted to acetyl coa.

Also, it is important for:

– Function of cardiac muscle
-Function of the nervous system
-Supporting the immune system
– Enhancing learning abilities
– Handling stress

RDA for B1 is 1.1 mg per day for women and men.


Good sources of Vitamin B1:

Wholemeal products such as oatmeal, whole wheat pasta
Legumes such as peas and kidney beans
Milk and other dairy products
Soy milk

Vitamin-B1-Rich-Foods healthbeckon


A deficiency of B1 can cause muscle weakness, apathy, irritability and confusion. These deficits only really happen for people in countries where little meat, dairy and whole grain products are consumed.

Alcohol and B1

Alcohol causes a drastic increase in the need for vitamin B1. For frequent alcohol is often paired with less consumption of nutritious food. This can lead to the well known Wernicke-Korsakoffsyndroom, characterized by confusion, memory loss, and uncontrolled movements.


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