Can a 50$ Pulley stack up against an old-school dual pulley?

Hi, guys, Mark here for movement, physiotherapy and fitness as a gadget freak, and of course, as a personal trainer and a rehab specialist, I like to test out new stuff. And so today we’ll be looking at this “Zen Wise” which is an adjustable pulley, set to pretty much replace the sort of old school big machine structures that we use to train in more traditional exercise in the gym.

You simply just attach it to a surface and then you have this little button to adjust the suction. After a while, you keep pressing and then it will be stuck in there and then it will be really, really tightly sealed to the surface. You can attach it to floor, you can attach it to a higher surface if you need it to be on shoulder level, for example, and can pretty much because of that, train any exercise you want, because it has a has a joint that moves in 360 degrees of motion

The machine itself is about 17 by 12, by 27, as you can see, is not very big and would easily fit in a suitcase. And it weighs about 1.3, if I am correct. Now, inside, there’s a structure that is comparable to a rowing machine. There there’s a way to change the resistance, you could take it from 2.5 KG, to 5Kg, 7.5kg and to 10.

You can see in the video that the system in there is very comparable to what you would have in a rowing machine. It’s quite smooth, actually. You can move fast. It doesn’t jam as far as I have noticed, and then very easily switch to lighter or heavier. It is very suitable for a lot of exercise, especially if you’re a beginner in the gym.

So the final verdict; is this a good product and alternative to the dual adjustable pulley?

And the answer is yes, definitely for the price point, the practicality. This is a great piece of equipment. And I think what we’re seeing here could be the start of the future of fitness development that is a bit more minimalist in terms of spacing, in terms of weight. And I think we’re going to see a lot more of this. Thank you. And if you have any questions, put them down.

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