Why it’s unfair to have Male-to-Female transgender athletes in sport

“A disaster of a Situation”

Derek from More Plates More Dates did a great analysis on the current transgender in sports topic of which the main points should be more than enough to immediately end the discussion of fairness (in my opinion). It’s a tricky and sensitive topic but he raised some very good points which are summarized below. Highly recommend to watch the full video and consume some more of his content on a weekly basis to keep you sane and make you smarter.

Key points from video:

3:30 How ridiculous the testosterone cutoff really is
6:30 Infrastructure benefits from puberty in terms of myonuclei development, bone mineral density, motor learning, androgenic signaling, muscular development

8:25 Female hormone levels vs Laurel Hubbard’s Cutoff (Below 10 Nanomoles per liter)
This is a confusing and not the normal measurement that’s used in labs, which is ng/dl

10:00 Conversion: Males produce about 10x as much testosterone as females.
Males 250 – 1000
Females 40-50 , with top tier being 70 or 80 being very rare
Hubbard’s cutoff after conversion would be around 288 ng/dl, does that seem fair to natural female athletes?
It’s around 5 times as much

13:30 Free T and Sex hormone binding hormones
SHGB in males is much lower than in females, meaning the amount of Free available testosterone for anabolic functions could be 5-10x higher. This adds an entire layer of problems to the comparisons.

18:00 height advantages, bigger lungs, bigger heart, no periods and blood loss, which are not affected by hormone therapy



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