About me.

I am a health addict and a Movement Freak. I am very careful when it comes to my body. I take good care of it but at the same time I try to extend my physical and mental boundaries. I like to challenge my body and my mind continuously. I have tried a lot of different sports, dozens of diets and all for the sake of the experience. Experience is a way to learn and to grow.

I want to teach my clients what I have learned over the last decade so that they can experience the same kind of growth, mentally as well as physically. It doesn’t matter what your personal goals are when you start your journey. A better person? More slim? A better physique?  The fact is that you want to become better. Why not become MUCH better?

I have combined my own interests, ideas and experiences together with my professional background as a physiotherapist and a personal trainer into the unique tailored training sessions I design for my clients.

The background, personality and physical  health of the client is the starting point of the journey. Together we will get started, have a little fun in the process, sweat our asses off and make sure that goals are being accomplished.