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Exercises for Back Pain

Readers Question: I am 65 years old and have a lot of complaints about my back .. osteoarthritis, scoliosis, increased lordosis, pelvic torsion .. And a well-worn hip. I have always been fitness until 2 years, but also got fibromyalgia .. too many complaints and I stopped .. Do exercises at home with light weights […]

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How to treat Back pain in Golf

A friend of mine, a very good golfer, has a lot of lower back pain (facet joints) as a result of playing and training a lot. Manual therapy increases the symptoms. Is treatment on a traction table a possible solution? Mark Chen, Physiotherapist: Thank you for your question. I personally do not consider a traction […]

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Physio Fitness (*NEW)

Physio-Fitness is a way for you to work on your physical discomfort or injury under supervision of a professional . After a personal consultation and assessment , the therapist will design and instruct a corrective exercise program for you. During the Physio-Fitness classes, you will be able to exercise and get instant feed-back and answers […]

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Kettlebell Classes January 2020

January Kettlebell Program theme will be: SWINGS. Also known as the “King of exercises”, a total body movement that works almost all muscles at the same time. Burn fat and get strong at the same time ? Sign up now for the full cycle for 40$ (4x class)Drop in: 15$ This is what you’ll learn: – […]

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When Yoga is bad for you

Question: “Hey, My name is Priscilla and I am 26 years old. I recently discovered that I have hypermobility syndrome. And my question was what are the best exercises to keep up with my body? Because you are told and that’s it. I don’t know how ,what ,where from now. How can I best keep […]

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How to Fix a Trapped Nerve

“Since a month I have had pain in my lower back. Also occasionally in my right buttock and when sitting. I regularly use a heat patch on those spots and a broad back strap, which relieves the pain slightly so that I can keep moving. If I sit too long, walking is painful afterward. This […]