As if deciding what to eat isn’t hard enough (first world problem but still, a problem nonetheless) it’s even more difficult to order something that is tasty AND supports your fitness & Health goals at the same time.

With this list, I’m trying to help you solve that problem by giving you a tasted and tried selection of restaurants and some of my favorite options.


From their Facebook page:

Gerbie’s Salad and Sandwich is located in one of PP’s most popular areas, creating a variety of tasty salads and sandwiches to eat on the go. Gerbie’s Salad and Sandwich is Phnom Penh’s first quality salad and sandwich shop which aims to provide an eat-in and self-takeaway service to those that are on the move or who have limited lunch time. Our cold salads are carefully prepared by our team and are packed in our unique designed boxes. These cold salads boxes can be taken away or eaten in our shop. Our boxed salads are ‘made today and gone today’, so nothing will be kept for the next day. In addition, we also have a variety of warm salads including beef, crispy squid & chorizo, brouillee and lardon & mushroom. We also offer an array of delicious cold and hot baguette sandwiches and paninis as well as variety of fresh fruits, juices, smoothies, coffee, etc…We are located in one of Phnom Penh’s most popular tourist area: Boeng Keng Kang 1, No78, Street 51 ( Pasteur)(Opposite Wat Lanka’s book stalls).Our boutique shop has 45 seats and is well air-conditioned. Our first floor has a terrace over looking the bustling street of 51 and Sihanouk Boulevard, next to the Monument of Independence.

This is #1 on my list because I’ve been ordering from them multiple times per week for the last year or so. They have amazing salads (cold, warm, make your own), Sandwiches, fruit juices and shakes, what else could you possibly want?
My personal favorites are the following:

Superbowl Salad (HUGE)

Steak open sandwich (great steak and trimmings)

Chicken & Avocado Sandwich

Damage: around 5-9$ and you’ll have a happy and full belly, some might be able to eat twice from it.

I’ll be updating this list continuously, please let me know which places I should consider adding!

In these times it can be quite difficult to go around and experience new activities and places. That’s why we adapted and created an entire new world (or world’s actually) to experience in the comfort of our private, air-conditioned studio.

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Boxing Fit : Boxing to the Beat
Hit VR : fun and challenging reaction based sports games
Iron Lights: Chose your weapon and fight other Cyber warriors in a packed arena of the future

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Why it’s unfair to have Male-to-Female transgender athletes in sport

“A disaster of a Situation”

Derek from More Plates More Dates did a great analysis on the current transgender in sports topic of which the main points should be more than enough to immediately end the discussion of fairness (in my opinion). It’s a tricky and sensitive topic but he raised some very good points which are summarized below. Highly recommend to watch the full video and consume some more of his content on a weekly basis to keep you sane and make you smarter.

Key points from video:

3:30 How ridiculous the testosterone cutoff really is
6:30 Infrastructure benefits from puberty in terms of myonuclei development, bone mineral density, motor learning, androgenic signaling, muscular development

8:25 Female hormone levels vs Laurel Hubbard’s Cutoff (Below 10 Nanomoles per liter)
This is a confusing and not the normal measurement that’s used in labs, which is ng/dl

10:00 Conversion: Males produce about 10x as much testosterone as females.
Males 250 – 1000
Females 40-50 , with top tier being 70 or 80 being very rare
Hubbard’s cutoff after conversion would be around 288 ng/dl, does that seem fair to natural female athletes?
It’s around 5 times as much

13:30 Free T and Sex hormone binding hormones
SHGB in males is much lower than in females, meaning the amount of Free available testosterone for anabolic functions could be 5-10x higher. This adds an entire layer of problems to the comparisons.

18:00 height advantages, bigger lungs, bigger heart, no periods and blood loss, which are not affected by hormone therapy


(click for the Video!)

Find 30 Days of Movement Online here :

This is the 3rd test in the flexibility series and focuses on the line of muscle that wraps around the body connecting the ribcage to the pelvis.
The flexibility and functionality of this line is crucial when performing sports that require rotation.

Dr. Robert Malone is the inventor of mRNA Vaccine technology. Mr. Steve Kirsch is a serial entrepreneur who has been researching adverse reactions to COVID vaccines. Bret talks to Robert and Steve about the pandemic, treatment and the COVID vaccines. Steve’s paper on COVID vaccine reactions:… Steve’s Twitter: COVID-19 Early Treatment Fund:… Dr. Malone’s website:… Robert’s LinkedIn profile: Robert’s Twitter: Find Bret Weinstein on Twitter: @BretWeinstein, and on Patreon.

5 𝙌𝙪𝙚𝙨𝙩𝙞𝙤𝙣𝙨 𝙖𝙗𝙤𝙪𝙩 𝙆𝙚𝙩𝙩𝙡𝙚𝙗𝙚𝙡𝙡𝙨

Maybe you’ve seen them in the gym: Weird looking bowling balls with a handle in the gym, the Kettlebell.

You wouldn’t immediately take it for the incredible training tool it is…
” So which muscles can you target with a kettlebell?”
“What should you pay attention to” , and ” which exercises are suitable for beginners?”

Physiotherapist and Kettlebell Trainer Mark Chen answers the 5 most common questions.

1. What is a kettlebell?

“The Kettlebell name comes from the old well-known whistling kettle that we used on the gas stove, or the tea kettle in English.
Kettlebells are available in different weights ranging from about 4 kilograms to 100 kilograms. The most useful kettlebells are between 12 and 24 kilograms. These are suitable for most people. Of course it is smart to start with a lighter kettlebell and gradually grow to a heavier bell.”

2. Which muscle (group) and do you train with a kettlebell?

“With the kettlebell you can literally train all the muscles of the body. I sometimes tell my personal training clients that if I can only choose one thing to train with, it would be the Kettlebell. The uniqueness of the kettlebell lies in the fast, powerful exercises that you can do with it, whereby the whole body works together.
But you can also perform literally all the exercises that you could do with a dumbbell or a barbell.”

3) What are the benefits?

“Due to its unique shape, you can use the kettlebell to perform movements that swing along or especially under the body. These movements require fast, powerful movements that involve many muscles and joints. Usually the core, glutes and the legs are particularly addressed.

If you perform the movements well, they also have a very strong influence on improving your posture.

Because so many muscles have to work at the same time, a lot of blood supply is needed. For this to be possible, the lungs and heart have to work properly. This not only gives you strength training, but also cardio training immediately during your workout. So two for the price of one! “

4) What should you pay attention to when you train with a Kettlebell?

“Because you make so much use of speed and explosiveness, and many muscles and joints have to work together, the movements are often difficult to perform. It takes some time and attention to master these movements.

In addition, a good body feeling and a critical look at technology are very important. Many movements use a hinge movement in the hips, called the hip hinge. In practice, it appears that many people find this very difficult. If you don’t have good control of your hips, you run the risk of your lower back taking over and putting extra stress on it. This can have adverse effects. “

5) Which exercises are suitable for beginners?

When you start using a kettlebell, start with traditional strength exercises. Think of the good morning, squat, deadlifts and lunges. You can find examples of these exercises on my YouTube channel.

If you are more experienced and have developed more strength, it is best to ask someone who is certified in the use of kettlebells to teach you advanced exercises. You really get a lot of extra value from that.

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Todays Goal:  Test your Core 

What do you need:

– Yoga mat (optional) – Timer 

Benefits / Muscles worked: 

Abs of steel

Increased shoulder strength/stability 

Mental toughness

Instructions :

Get into a plank position and start the timer

Hold plank for 30 seconds

Lift 1 leg and hold for 15 seconds (nothing else moves!)

Lift the other leg for 15 seconds

Lift 1 arm and hold for 15 seconds (nothing else moves!)

Lift other arm and hold for 15 seconds

 Lift 1 leg and opposite arm and hold for 15 seconds


Were you able to complete it without breaks?

Product review covers the following:

– how does this “know” your posture is bad?
– what happens then?
– what are the key features and draw backs?
– will it improve my posture?
– price & links

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