If you’re looking to create a home gym under 50$ you have found it.
We probably should not call this a “gym” since it will not have of the machines you might envision when you think about a gym.

It will however be perfect to get started in a way that allows you to lose weight, build strength, and build a solid cardiovascular condition.

Let’s get to it:

Yoga mat $8 we will select the Decathlon Essential yoga mat for all floor-based exercises
Foam roller $7 Foam roller for mobility work, self massage and assisted stretching
Weight $23 Adjustable dumbbells up to 10kg, perfect for a unilateral strength program
Speed rope $10 light weight speed rope for cardio and double-under training

All of these can be found at Decathlon. They even do home deliveries so you’re all set!

If you need some help with a starter program, reach out to us here.

Coach notes: “What defines a gym?”